Hi, I'm Ceana, and this is my son Finn.

I grew up in Tongariro National Park with skiing on the school curriculum, and summers spent wandering through beech forests.

Pre-kiddo, most weekends were spent adventuring, but when Finn arrived everything came to a grinding halt. Everything needed to get flatter and shorter. With cabin fever and baby blues, I desperately needed to get outdoors and soak up some fresh air.

But I really struggled to find buggy-friendly walks online. Famously ending up knee-deep in a murky lake on a “buggy-friendly” trail. Then, I knew there must be a better way to share adventures! 

So I started Outdoor Kid to help other families find age-suitable adventures, and hopefully encourage kids to ditch their devices and connect to nature.

I hope you’ll find some awesome adventures with your little explorers.

Ceana and Finn x 

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