About Us

Hi, I'm Ceana and this is my son Finn.

I grew up in Tongariro National Park with skiing on the school curriculum and summers spent wandering through beech forests.

Pre-kiddo most weekends were spent exploring however when Finn arrived, the adventures suddenly got shorter and flatter! 

Even as a tiny bundle I swaddled him in a buggy and off we’d go but I soon ran out of inspiration for kid-friendly outings we both could enjoy.

We famously ended up knee deep in a murky lake on a “wheelchair-accessible” trail. It was then that I knew there must be a better way to find – and share - adventures. So I started the Outdoor Kid guidebooks to help families find age suitable adventures, and hopefully encourage kids to ditch the devices and connect to nature.

I’d love to hear about your adventures. We are all connecting our kids to nature and that’s really special. I’m hoping Outdoor Kid will help the next generation of explorers discover kid-friendly adventures.

Ceana and Finn x


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