#2 Activity | Take a nature ramble

#2 Activity | Take a nature ramble

Sometimes it can be struggle to keep moral up on walks when the kids are not 100% into the adventure, or energy levels are fading fast.

Some of these issues can be averted before you jump in the car. Allowing kids to choose what they want to 'do' with less focus on the 'where' can help them feel more in control of the adventure.

Perhaps they might like to...walk under waterfalls, make dams in streams or create echoes in spooky sea caves? The doing is often more important than the destination. 

And keeping them engaged can be as simple as providing a couple activity sheets, or stashing a few chocolate bribes (this works well for us!).


Here is an easy activity sheet you can print out before leaving home - how many things can you spot and cross off?

<< Download here (2.8MB)

But, if things are not going to plan or the weather stinks, then find the nearest ice cream shop and tuck the adventure away for another day!