#5 Activity | Kiwi Nature Bingo

#5 Activity | Kiwi Nature Bingo

Who can match the local creatures and critters the fastest? Grab some buddies and tackle this nature game.   

This easy activity suits kids of all ages and helps expand their awareness of some of the amazing creatures who call New Zealand home. 

1. Print out the bingo sheets and cards. Cut around the cards on the dotted lines. 
2. Place the cards face down in a pile and each person takes a turn to flip one over. 
3. If they match a creature on your sheet, pop a little toy or LEGO piece on the creature.
4. First person to cover all their creatures wins! 

The sheets and cards can easily be printed in black and white, to save on ink. If you would like a high-res copy - just drop us a note. 

>> Download here (1MB)