# 3 Activity | Create a bird feeder

# 3 Activity | Create a bird feeder

Sometimes it's fun to have a little adventure in your back garden! We had everything we needed to make this nifty little bird feeder so spent an hour pottering and learning about attracting birds to the garden.

All you need is an old toilet roll, string, scissors, unsalted peanut butter and some dried seeds and fruit. Then...

1. Lather up the roll with peanut butter,
2. Gently press on your dried fruit and nuts,
3. Feed some string through the roll,
4. Find a spot in the trees to hang your feeder. 

Try and keep it off the ground so birds are not competing with any pests in the garden. 

Types of seeds? Sunflower seeds, raw peanuts, dried fruit, uncooked raw oats and cooked popcorn work well. Don’t use salted peanuts or desiccated coconut as these aren't great for birds' tummies. 

<< Download here (2.2MB)

But while we loved making the feeder, no birds came! Living in the inner-city means bird life is not exactly teeming in our back garden. So we have ended up with a pretty ornament swinging in the breeze. 

We'll be checking out this blog post from Department of Conservation to see what changes we can do to entice birds our way. 

10 Tips for attracting native birds to your garden.

If you are interested in backyard trapping, a good place to start is Jesse Mulligan's rat trapping 101 article to help give your neighbourhood birds a fighting chance.