#1 Activity | Create a nature bangle

#1 Activity | Create a nature bangle

Collect treasures from your walks through forests, or even your back garden! This simple activity helps little ones look more closely at their surroundings. 

Try this activity throughout the year - every season will have opportunities for different looking bangles; dried or fresh leaves, flowers, small twigs or even little seeds.

All you need is some masking tape - or duct tape - and some scissors. Wrap the tape around your explorer's wrist. Keep a finger between the tape and skin to allow a little bit of breathing space - don't want it too tight!

Then start exploring. This is a great activity on short walks and for encouraging the family to head outdoors for some fresh air.

<< Download here (1.9MB)

Once the bangle is full, you can stick it to a poster at home so you can see all the different treasures that can be discovered from different places - forests to river banks - and throughout all the seasons.