Courtney Family | Life in a tiny home...on a 12-tonne truck

Courtney Family | Life in a tiny home...on a 12-tonne truck

Have you ever wanted to pack up the house and hit the road? Adi and Logan Courtney along with their two kids have created an incredible home on the back of a 12-tonne truck! After three-years on the road, they share their adventures with us.

What kicked off this amazing adventure?
Three years ago, we were living on the Gold Coast, we had a 3 bedroom house, we were self-employed and we thought we were living the dream, However the dream quickly turned into a nightmare with a mortgage that was crushing us and both of us having to work 17hour days to be able to afford it and we still weren’t able to make ends meet. Our health was quickly deteriorating, even the doctors were telling my husband that if he doesn’t stop he will literally die, so we started reassessing our situation. We then looked at our life map and decided what our retirement life would look like and reversed engineered it from there.

How long have you been on the road for, how long do you plan to be on the road!
We began our journey in July 2015 so it has been just over three years now since we started living on the road. We plan to continue living on the road and we are certain our kids will take over.

How was the house built - why a house on a truck?
Just as we decided to sell our house, to get rid of our crushing mortgage, and sell our business, we went in search of something different and what we came across was this amazing house truck. It was bigger than anything we ever dreamed of and since then we discovered a new way of living.

Our truck is a 12-tonne Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter curtain sider, which is 8.9 meters long. With the curtains closed and the rear roller door down, it looks like an ordinary truck, so far as everyone else knows! We like to travel low profile so we tend to drive with it closed and tie the curtains back (sometimes) when we arrive at our destination. If we keep it closed we get the worried look from people thinking that we live in the back of a truck but when we pull the curtains back they are astonished.

What have the benefits been to your family?
The benefits to this lifestyle, is that we get to determine what’s important to us in our life, we get to cook, clean and play all day every day together. We now get to decide where we live, how we live and who is in our life. We are still contributing members of society but we get to decide what that looks like. It is the best decision we ever made.

What was the biggest fear to conquer before setting off on your adventure?
It was the fear of letting go of old values which got ingrained in us from a young age as I was never made aware of any other way of living other than what parents and society also tells us like to go to school, get good grades, get a high paying job, start a family, own a house and buy a lot of stuff. Evolving and transitioning out of these old values has been fearful, challenging and comes with its own anxiety’s but completely worth it. We had to train ourselves because if we stop thinking about what we are doing we fall back into the trapping hazards of buying things you don’t need or want and the truck keeps us from accumulating too much stuff

Please tell us about the book.
Every day we get asked many questions about our way of living, that we decided to write a book about it. The name was derived from everyone saying 'that's what I have always wanted to do' or from people wanting to do what we do. This book gives you a view from the inside out at our newly formed unstructured life. It explains why we choose this unorthodox path, and how we manage to live a life on the road with our children. With added life lessons and tips throughout, we hope to inspire and motivate others. We only have one life to live. Why not make the most of it?

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